Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the World Doctors Orchestra centered?
The orchestra's main office is located in Berlin. Rehearsals and concerts take place all over the world.

How can I join the World Doctors Orchestra?
Just complete the application form on our website to become a registered member.

Do I have to be a physician/dentist or medical student to join the orchestra?

What are the criteria for acceptance?
There is no additional audition process to be accepted into WDO, but you should be proficient in playing a classical instrument and have had experience of playing in an orchestra.

How often does the World Doctors Orchestra perform?
The orchestra generally performs about three to four times a year all over the world.

Where and how often does the orchestra rehearse?
Every musician has to prepare his or her part individually. Rehearsals take place during three days before the first concert in the same city of the according WDO concert session.

How will I be informed about the next concert?
All registered members are invited to apply to play in upcoming concerts. Invitations are sent approximately one year in advance by e-mail to all members, regardless of participation in a previous WDO concert.

What do I have to do to take part in a concert?
After receiving the registration form to sign up for the upcoming concerts, you need to fill out and sign the document and send it back as a pdf/jpg by e-mail. If the orchestra management does not receive the form with your signature you will not be considered for the ensemble.

How are the musicians chosen for a concert?
For each concert the orchestra has to be configured according to availability and needed instruments. This is exclusively done by the musical director.

Is there a waiting list when the ensemble is complete?
Yes, all musicians who have received a refusal for a session will automatically be included in the waiting list.

May I participate in a future concert, even if I was not accepted for a previous concert?
Yes. The orchestra performs each concert session in a new configuration, according to availability and needed instruments.

Does the World Doctors Orchestra pay my travel costs?
No. Please note that according to the orchestra's charity mission, all members are to cover all travel and accommodation expenses by themselves. In addition a donation of 300 to 500 Euro is necessary to make the session possible. You will receive a donation receipt for your payment. Medical students are exempt from paying the donation and may apply for free accommodation.


Questions which may arise when you have been accepted to join a concert session:

How will I get my sheet music?
You will receive download details via e-mail approximately two to three months before the concert session.

Is the organizer responsible for my travel arrangement?
No. You need to arrange your travel yourself. WDO may recommend hotels for certain sessions.

Do I need a visa?
This depends on the country where you are coming from. If an invitation is required the WDO office is happy to help you with this. If you apply for a visa, please indicate that you are travelling as a tourist, not with the purpose to perform a concert. The latter might result in needing a work permit.

When can I book my flights? I would like to plan my flights to the concert session, but there is no current information about concert/rehearsal venues and accommodation yet.
We kindly ask you for a bit of patience. We are still negotiating organizational details. We will inform you as soon as we have further information.

Can I rent or borrow instruments on-site? If yes, which ones and where?
Only double basses, celli, timpani/percussion and harps will be rented on-site by the orchestra office. All other musicians are expected to bring their own instruments.
If you are a double bass or cello player you need to announce your request to the orchestra management. You need to bring your own bow.

Who organizes transport of instruments during the session?
The local organizer takes care of the transport of large instruments such as double basses and percussion. All other instruments are being carried by the participants themselves.

My instrument is made of material which is subject to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
Please carefully plan the transfer of your instrument or your bow into a foreign country. Further information is available at your national authorities.
WDO is not able to apply for a Travelling Exhibition Certificate, as WDO consists of musicians from all over the world and therefore is not a travelling exhibition.

I will be travelling alone and don’t know anyone.
Getting to know people is no problem at all, you will immediately become familiar with many others coming from your country, playing the same instrument or being your stand partner.

Is there an opening event where I can get to know the other musicians?
A get-together will take place after the last concert, but normally not before the start of rehearsals. Often further social events are offered during the rehearsal days.

What is the daily schedule?
The regular rehearsal schedule is 9 am to 6 pm, deviations may be possible. A detailed schedule of the session is provided on the first day of rehearsals.

Is lunch provided on rehearsal days?
Yes. Most often this is offered by the local organizer. Alternatively local restaurants are recommended.

Is there a dress code?
For the evening concerts for men black bow tie and black suit or tuxedo is requested and for women a black floor length gown or skirt or trousers with a long-sleeved shirt.

Is there an evening program for everyone or will I be responsible for my own evening plans?
In some locations a social program is arranged, in others you need to arrange your evening program yourself or together with other musicians.

Do we have every evening off?
All evening events during the rehearsal days are optional.

Despite a social program, are there further group activities planned which can be booked (so I don’t book things twice)?
If this is the case this is announced in the information material in advance of the session.

Is there a tourist program and do I have to get into contact with a travel agent for booking?
You need to arrange a tourist program yourself.

Is it possible to combine vacation with a concert session? Is it possible to extend the stay?
Yes, of course. You can stay in the country as long as you like.

How do the transfers from the hotel to the rehearsal site work? Are there transfers available from all of the hotels? Do I need to organize this in advance?
This depends on the location of the hotels and is always announced in advance.

What do the accompanying persons do during the rehearsals? Is there a 'partners social program'?
Accompanying persons are welcome to the concert and evening program and can also attend rehearsals, however the orchestra office does not arrange an additional social program.

How is it possible to donate money or pay a financial contribution to the concert organisation?
Please transfer to our bank account:
World Doctors Orchestra e.V.
Dt. Apotheker- und Ärztebank, Kantstraße 129, 10625 Berlin, Germany
Bank Code: 300 606 01
Account: 000 729 4786
IBAN: DE52 3006 0601 000 729 4786

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Roy Harris
Symphony No. 3

George Gershwin
Piano Concerto in F major

Aaron Copland
Symphony No. 3

World Doctors Orchestra
Stefan Willich conductor
Connor Chee piano

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