World Doctors Orchestra USA

World Doctors Orchestra USA was founded in 2011 when a group of American members of the orchestra realized that for WDO to be successful in its mission to promote global health through its concerts and develop outreach in the communities that it serves for medical and musical projects that it must develop sources of support beyond dependence on ticket sales and local support for a single event.

With the establishment of WDO USA and its recognition as non-profit in major states with healthcare related companies and nonprofit foundations, we are poised to reach out and partner with these entities that are interested in sharing in our mission. We also seek individuals that share an interest in global health and the healing powers of medicine and music in our endeavor.

Inspired by the outpouring of audience enthusiasm for our mission in the second session of the WDO held at the world renowned Severance Hall of the Cleveland Orchestra in 2009 we feel that our message and mission will resonate in the United States and be translated in major support to create an endowment and multi-year funding for the WDO from American companies with national and international business, foundations, and individuals. With the establishment of an endowment and sustained funding for WDO’s mission, this will ensure that tickets sales and local support will go entirely for the local charity and other WDO endeavors, amplifying its efforts to promote global health.

Sheyna Burt and Tom DaSilva, Co-Presidents WDO USA

World Doctors Orchestra, Inc.
Corporate Office
9306 Grant Avenue
Manassas, Virginia 20110, USA
Phone: +1-571-229-9899

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2. Juni 2022
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3. Juni 2022
Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Hans Henkemans

Gustav Mahler
Sinfonie Nr. 6

Jeroen Dupont, Violine
World Doctors Orchestra
Stefan Willich, Dirigent

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