The Hugo Tempelman Foundation

In 1994 the Dutch physician Dr. Hugo Tempelman and his wife Liesje founded the Ndlovu Medical Center. Located in the township of Elandsdoorn some 200 kilometers northwest of Johannesburg in Limpopo Province, Ndlovu is the only outpatient clinic in the region. It currently provides healthcare services to approximately 160,000 individuals.

At Ndlovu, all patients receive treatment, regardless of whether they have health insurance. Presently, more than 1500 people with HIV and AIDS are in long-term care at the center, where Dutch, German, and South African physicians are working hand in hand. The results of their pioneering efforts are impressive: the majority of patients, including those with very advanced disease, have succeeded in achieving an undetectable viral load. The physicians collaborate closely with Dutch and American universities, and with the Max Planck Institute for Immunology in Berlin, Germany. Another important focus at Ndlovu is the prevention of tuberculosis.

In recent years, an increasing number of development projects have been established around the Ndlovu Medical Center to address the lack of basic infrastructure such as garbage collection and postal services. These efforts, along with numerous informational, educational, and vocational programs, are helping in the development of long-term approaches to the complex issues surrounding HIV and AIDS.

With the proceeds from the concert given by the World Doctors Orchestra, the foundation plans to buy musical instruments for a new youth and cultural center in Soweto. Of the 5 million people living in this urban area of Johannesburg, a full 1.2 million are HIV-positive. The Miracle, as the youth center is known, is also a theater and an AIDS-information center rolled into one. It is virtually the only cultural institution available to the people of Soweto.

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