The chosen charity for the concert in Munich, 22.4.2017, at Herkulessaal in the Residenz, was the “Bonifaz-Haneberg-Stiftung” for the homeless. This organisation is situated in the monastery St. Bonifaz from the Benedict Monks, in the centre of Munich.

St. Bonifaz was set up in 1835 by King Louis I. and is a collaboration between the world famous Monastery Andechs (on the lake Ammersee near Munich) and the above Monastery. They have a long tradition of helping poor and homeless people. In 1990 two Munich businessmen and a Benedict Monk founded the charity Bonifaz-Haneberg, named by the Abbot with this name (1854-72). Munich as the foundation's location was especially suitable being a prosperous city which attracts many people in need from all over the world.

At this monastery people are given food, medical treatment, clothes, sometimes employment and are able to bath or shower. It makes no difference what nationality or religion these people have, nothing is expected of them.

Photo by Susanne Schimpel, Munich 2017

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