With its benefit concerts, the World Doctors Orchestra wants to raise awareness of the need of a global social concept in the general public: Health care is a human right, and the precondition for human development.

The medical musicians are particularly concerned with the fight against epidemics like AIDS, tuberculosis, leprosy and malaria. This is the 21st century, and according to “Doctors without Borders”, still 14 million people die from treatable infectious diseases. Today, the international community has the means at hand to effectively treat these diseases and to save millions of affected people from certain death.

The proceeds from each concert go to one or two selected non-profit medical aid organizations.

Since its foundation in 2008 WDO has raised more than 1 million Euro for medical charity.

The following medical aid organizations have been supported by the World Doctors Orchestra:

A Children's House (2019 Houston)

AECC - Catalunya contra el càncer (2017 Barcelona/Girona)

Albertinen-Stiftung Hamburg (2018 Hamburg/Berlin)

Al Jalila Foundation (2018 Dubai)

Ambulance Boat for Bolenge, Kirchenkreis Dortmund (2012 Berlin/Essen)

Ärzte der Welt (2019 Lisbon/Porto, 2021 Dortmund/Bonn)

Asociación Pro Prevención del Cáncer de Próstata (2023 Costa Rica)

Asociación Roble Alto (2023 Costa Rica)

Berlin Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims (bzfo) (2009 Berlin, 2010 Berlin) 

Bonifatius-Haneberg-Stiftung (2017 Munich/Salzburg)

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (2022 Boston)

British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation (2015 Vancouver)

Centre Intégré de Recherches Biocliniques d’Abidjan (CIRBA), Ivory Coast (2010 Berlin)

Corporación de Adelanto Amigos de Panguipulli  (2014 Chile)

Dentists for Africa e.V. (2013 Bonn/Berlin, 2015 Dresden/Berlin)

DKMS Warsaw (2018 Warsaw/Krakow)

Fondazione Bambini Cardiopatici (2017 Lugano/Como)

Fondazione Ticino Cuore (2017 Lugano/Como)

Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche Bonn e.V. (2013 Bonn/Berlin)

Formosa Cancer Foundation (2010 Taiwan)

Fundació Oncolliga Girona (2017 Barcelona/Girona)

Grup Àgata, Associació Catalana de Dones Afectades de Càncer de Mama (2017 Barcelona/Girona)

Health4moz (2019 Lisbon/Porto)

Helft uns leben e.V. (2021 Koblenz/Frankfurt)

Hilfswerk Indien Dr. Elisabeth Vomstein (2008 Berlin)

HOPE Cape Town (2015 Dresden/Berlin)

Hugo Tempelman Foundation (2008 Berlin, 2009 Berlin, 2010 Berlin, 2012 South Africa, 2012 Berlin/Essen, 2018 Hamburg/Berlin)

Institut für Krebsforschung Wien/Institut für Kinderkrebsforschung Wien (2013 Vienna)

Kodomo Gakki Project (2014 Japan)

Kroschke Kinderstiftung (2018 Hamburg/Berlin)

La Chaîne de l'Espoir (2019 Paris/Reims)

Leberecht-Stiftung (2021 Koblenz/Frankfurt)

L'Institut Curie (2019 Paris/Reims)

L’Institut d'Investigació Biomèdica de Girona (IdibGi) (2017 Barcelona/Girona)

L’Unitat de Recerca en Medicina Oncològica Molecular i Translacional de IDIBAPS (2017 Barcelona/Girona)

Medica Mondiale e.V. (2012 Berlin/Essen)

Mental Health Center Odense (2023 Denmark)

MusikBeRiget (2023 Denmark)

National network of telemedicine for epilepsy (2016+2023 Romania)

Paediatric Amenities Fund of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados (2015 Barbados)

Papageno, mobiles Kinderhospiz in Salzburg (2017 Munich/Salzburg)

Papageno Foundation (2022 Amsterdam)

Pathway - Healthcare for homeless people (2021 London)

PRKUTYUN Center of Disabled Children and Young People, Yerevan (2010 Armenia)

Projekt Lichtklang (2017 Munich/Salzburg)

Refugio Munich (2014 Munich/Innsbruck)

Refugio de Cristo de Valparaíso (2014 Chile)

Save a Child's Heart (2019 Tel Aviv/Jerusalem)

Seattle Times Fund for the Needy (2015 Seattle)

Society of Friends of the German Heart Center Berlin e.V. (2013 Bonn/Berlin)

Stephansdom (2013 Vienna)

STIFTUNG MICHAEL - eine Stiftung für Epilepsie (2015 Dresden/Berlin)

The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland, OH, USA (2009 Cleveland)

The George Mark Children's House (2016 San Francisco)

The Inclusive Play Project (Rotary) (2015 Barbados)

Tsunami victims Iwaki City (2014 Japan)

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V. (2022 Amsterdam)

Whitman Walker Health, Washington, DC, USA (2011 Washington)

Youth Orchestra Barbados (2015 Barbados)

Zonta International / Let Us Learn... Madagascar (2021 Dortmund/Bonn)

Zwi Perez Chajez-Schule, Wien (2013 Vienna)

Next Concerts

May 25, 2023
University College Cluj-Napoca, Romania

May 27, 2023
Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest, Romania

George Enescu
Romanian Rhapsody No. 2

Max Bruch
Violin Concerto No. 1

Hector Berlioz
Symphonie fantastique

World Doctors Orchestra
Stefan Willich, conductor
Alexandru Tomescu, violin

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